Rough Drafts of Future Programming

 Audio Files for future programs

Dr. Peter Dale Scott-The C.I.A. – Organized Crime Connection

Noted researcher, author and poet Dr. Peter Dale Scott’s 1975 lecture at U.C. Berkeley’s JFK Assassination Seminar details C.I.A. and Organized Crime involvement in the nation’s most notorious political killing.

Peter Dale Scott

Gerard Van Der Leun: The Disneyland of Death

1972 interview with Gerard Van Der Leun re: his Earth Magazine article where he claims the United States used VX nerve gas on North Vietnamese troops.

Disneyland of Death

muốn trở lại (I want to go back)

Coverage of the 1975 “Orphan Airlift” during the final days of the Vietnam War.  Includes the arrival of the first flight from Saigon to Oakland.  It concludes with an interview with Jane Barton of the American Friends Service Committee.  She details the “orphan” situation in Vietnam and the plight of children taken on the orphan flights who had at least one parent left behind.

muốn trở lại

Two Guns and A Cat

A bit of “media tripping” during the hunt for Patty Hearst and The S.L.A.  The L.A.P.D. mounts an “assault” upon a suspected S.L.A. hideout while the L.A. press corps and a throng of locals throw a street party.

Two Guns and A Cat

What Happened To The Hippies?

A 1975 interview with Dr. Stephen M. Pittel, a nationally known forensic psychologist who pioneered research on the drug culture of San Francisco’s hippies.  In this interview, conducted at U.C. Berkeley, Dr. Pittel outlines the results of his ground-breaking drug use study conducted in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district.

Dr Stephen Pittel What Happened To The Hippies ?

 Dr. Timothy Leary: Space Migration

A 1975 press conference with Dr. Leary, in which he defends his belief that the human race must migrate into outer space.

Timothy Leary

Censorship At The Houston Chronicle

A 1972 documentary, produced for Pacifica Radio, detailing censorship at Houston’s largest daily newspaper.  Religion Editor Janice Law was fired by Chronicle management after complaints from the local Catholic diocese alleged she was biased against the church.

Janice Law


               Plutopia News Network: 20 Minutes Into The Future


Tom Miller: Borders

Tom Miller   Audio Only

Tom Miller: Borders YouTube Video


Tom Jennings: High Tech has become a cult of money

Tom Jennings  Audio Only

Tom Jennings: High Tech has become a cult of money YouTube Video


Dave Demaris

Dave Demaris  Audio Only

David Demaris aka DJ Dr. Strangevibe


RU Sirius

20 Minutes Into The Future-R U Sirius  Audio Only

20 Minutes Into The Future-RU Sirius YouTube Video


Ed Ward Unedited interview

Ed Ward unedited

Ed Ward (edited) The Future of Music

Ed Ward-The Future of Music   Audio Only

Ed Ward-The Future of Music YouTube Video

Ed Ward-The Future of Food

Ed Ward-The Future of Food  Audio Only

Ed Ward-The Future of Food YouTube Video


Doug Rushkoff 

Rushkoff Audio Only

Doug Rushkoff YouTube Video


Ian Bernstein-Sphero

Ian Bernstein-Sphero   Audio Only

Ian Bernstein-Sphero  YouTube Video


Chris Brown

Christopher Brown-Tropic of Kansas  Audio Only

Christopher Brown-Tropic of Kansas YouTube Video


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